Thanks to its peculiar, asymmetrical and almost pentagonal main square, unique in its kind, Bevagna stands out among Umbrian beauties with a light of its own. Two of Umbria’s greatest Romanesque jewels also contribute to embellishing it: the Churches of San Michele Arcangelo and San Silvestro. They almost face each other, but in their singular positioning, they confirm the intriguing slanted perspective that characterises the entire area they face.

There are substantial traces of the ancient Roman past, including a a magnificent thermal mosaic depicting sea creatures. Such testimonies enrich the stages of a fascinating journey to discover a town that is an essential destination for those who want to know the most authentic Umbria. Not to be missed is the “Mercato delle Gaite (Gaite Market)” organised in June, during which Bevagna takes us back to the Middle Ages with various events, traditional shops of the time in the context of the entire town population in costume.