Fierce knights and beautiful ladies, commoners and jesters, clerics and high prelates: it is at the beginning of May that Narni reveals its most authentically medieval soul, the moment when its streets are filled with the ghosts of an ancient and noble past, the one that saw the birth of the illustrious condottiero Erasmo Gattamelata. To miss the Narni Ring Race would be a grave failure. It is easy to be captured by the evocative atmosphere of one of the most beautiful festivals in Umbria, to follow the path marked by torches whose dim light leads to the shops of the trades of the past and to the taverns, where you can taste a simple and genuine cuisine, where you can sing and toast until dawn.

There is also a touch of Narni at the origin of one of the most famous fantasy sagas, ‘the Chronicles of Narnia’: among the papers belonging to its author, the British writer C. S. Lewis, a map of ancient Italy was found with the name Narnia circled on it, which was in fact the name given to the city at the time of Roman rule. With its picturesque alleyways, beautiful churches, ancient palaces, Roman ruins, views of unspoilt landscapes and priceless art treasures, Narni has everything it takes to enchant the tourist. But then there is that 'special' place, which for a couple of decades now has been attracting visitors from all over the world: Narni underground. The beauty of a special visit is also in listening to its history thanks to the enthralling story of those who have reveiled its mysteries…