The Marmore waterfall

An impressive scenery, that always leaves an indelible mark in the eyes of those who come to admire such majesty. It is a unique wonder, as it is both an emblem of nature that overhangs everything and of the greatness of human ingenuity. In fact, it was the Romans who created the Marmore Falls in 271 B. C. last piece and final result of an imposing and complex work of hydraulic engineering aimed at reclaiming the Rieti plain, forcing the waters of the Velino river towards the Nera river below. Then again, from the end of the 19th century onwards, man and nature once again started interacting, since it was realised that the power of these waters would be the driving force behind the electricity needed for the industrial development of nearby Terni. Countless documents testify to the fascination exerted by this spectacle on the fervid minds of artists: engravings, paintings, poems and travel diaries. More than an illustrious visitor over the centuries has stopped at the waterfall and has been captiveted by its magnificence. Today, as in the past, the sight of the waterfall is as heart-stopping as it was then, and captures the souls of those who lose themselves in the roar of the water and make their way through the lush vegetation surrounding the waterfall.