"Towards the clouds a rock clings to the sky, and admirable peaks it has on its cliffs, the city of Urbiveto is high and strange". These ancient descriptions emphasise how Orvieto’s uniqueness lies in being clinging to an impregnable tuffaceous cliff. The Cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, a treasure trove of art and religion, stands out in the city's skyline. The height of the Cathedral is in dialogue with the Torre del Moro (Tower of the Moor), from the top of which there is a 360° sight that allows a bird's eye view of the ancient Palazzi, the churches, the squares and the maze of alleys in the San Giovenale district.

A totally different sensation is given by the descent into The Pozzo di San Patrizio (St. Patrick’s Well), an ingenious work by the architect Antonio da Sangallo, who designed a double spiral staircase carved into the rock: 248 steps to reach the water table. Orvieto is a city to be discovered slowly, losing yourself in the alleys, lined with the workshops of craftmen, pizza makers and bakers, and stopping in the squares teeming with everyday life.