you say Perugia and you think of chocolate and jazz, but it is much more: it is the place to retrace history and art, from the Etruscans to our times, in a small space. Perugia, poised between imposing monuments, is the expression of a city with a great past and growing modernity. The minimetrò and the escalators transport you to the top of the hill which offers splendid views and fiery sunsets. The city revolves around the Fontana Maggiore, a synthesis of the Middle Ages and its wonderfully sculpted activities, and the Piazza 4 novembre where civil and religious power are admirably represented by the Palazzo dei Priori and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo.

But it is also in the subsoil that Perugia reveals itself: the Rocca Paolina of the mid-sixteenth century, built by the papacy, following the famous salt war, preserves a very suggestive medieval district. The unique atmosphere of the city is also found in the artisan workshops, stained glass windows and ancient Perugian fabrics. To end on a sweet note: in Perugia you will discover how the Bacio or the first collection of stickers, ingenious inventions of a young woman in the middle of the last century, were born.