Norcia has experienced numerous earthquakes in its history that have devastated it, but it has always risen from its ashes, like the Arab Phoenix. Even now, in spite the partial loss of its church heritage, caused by the 2016 earthquake, its proud inhabitants have not given up and they have restarted to rebuild their monuments and their architectural heritage to regain their identity. Six thousand works of art have been saved and soon will be back in the places which hosted them. No matter when, the important thing is to start again. Norcia still has much to offer. Its historical centre is accessible, with its beautiful palaces that tell stories of men of letters, doctors and cardinals, because Norcia was a rich and productive city, where St. Benedict was born, patron saint of Europe. The products of the ancient art of pork butchery have made Norcia famous through out the world. An appointment not to be missed is the Mercato del Tartufo Nero (Black Truffle Market), which takes place every year at the end of February and offers the opportunity to get to know and taste the fruits of this marvelous territory.