Castiglione del Lago


From the medieval fortification of the Castello del Leone (Castle of the Lion), from which the name Castiglione del Lago seems to derive, there is one of the most beautiful views of the hills and the entire Trasimeno Lake. The beauty of this site is given by the perfect harmony between nature and art. The village, situated on a limestone promontory overlooking the lake, is the result of a refined 16th century urban planning scheme commissioned by the Della Corgna family ,who built their representative residence in the centre. Inside the Palazzo della Corgna sublime mannerist frescoes by Niccolò Circignani e Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi narrate and exalt the origins of the family and the deeds of its members.

It is well worth taking a walk through the village and stopping in one of the many shops to taste some of the best-known products: olive oil, wine, and the famous Trasimeno fagiolina (Trasimeno small bean), a precious ancient legume – a low food presidium - whose cultivation on the shores of the lake dates back to the Etruscans times. If, on the other hand, you want to spend a day in contact with nature and in total relaxation, you can opt for one of the beatiful equipped beaches, to lie down on the shore of the lake , contemplate the view of the three islands and perhaps take a ride in a pedalo.