Isola Maggiore


This island is a ‘small ancient world’: 12 inhabitants for 24 hectares. When the boat docks in the little port one has the impression of having gone back in time. The fishermen’s village, inhabited by a few elderly people and a few lacemakers, who still create splendid Irish laceworks, has an evocative yet melancholic atmoshere. The production of Irish lace was brought to the island by the Marquise Elena Guglielmi. To discover its fascinating history and admire the precious artefacts, a visit to the Lace Museum is recommended.

Of all the islands dotted around Lake Trasimeno, Isola Maggiore is the one that lends itself best to a guided tour due to its perfect combination of Art, History, Landscape and Traditions. The paths that cross it allow you to discover evocative views, luxuriant nature and artistic jewels set in a splendid landscape setting such as the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, located at the highest point of the Island, and the fairytale Castello Guglielmi (Guglielmi Castle), whose turreted appearance dominates the island’s profile.